Inspired by Nature and Helping Nature

Artioni is the Celtic Bear Goddess of the natural world. We found this a fitting symbolism with the art we are supplying and for the causes that the proceeds go to support. Bears were native to Ireland, they are now extinct in the wild here.
Also fitting as the region which we're working on, was also a refuge hundreds of years ago for the pagans, druids, mages and alike during times of trial in the past. So there is certainly a sense of magic in the air.

For our natural work conservation projects and support. We are currently working on a nature sanctuary which we have set up in County Clare in Ireland. We have been working on a range of biodiversity and ecosystem restoration projects. These range from plantation projects (specially sourced trees, and very rare and hard to find Irish wild flowers.
We have been working on projects to encourage wildlife back onto the land (rather than reintroduction projects, we first need to see what's here and how we can help the existing wildlife).
We have been creating bug hotel environments and hedgehog hibernation spots.
Badgers, Pine Martins, Hares, Foxes, Shrews, Otters and a fantastic range of birds (over 50 recorded by local wildlife enthusiasts) as well as 10 species of bird of prey (golden eagle, buzzards, hen harriers, kestrel, peregrine falcons, sparrow hawks, ravens, barn owls, long eared owls) have been hunting here.

The overall vision, is to bring the land which we can acquire, back to what it was before it was touched by humans.

We're open to donation if you would like, please feel free to contact us to discuss donation options (whether for a custom designed piece or for a targeted donation, for example procuring land to extend the wildlife sanctuary boarders, or wildflower rejuvenation projects, or planting of indigenous trees and bushes).

There are some larger more expensive projects which we would love to accomplish one day, such as wild Irish Otter breeding projects (sadly there are no current projects protecting them). Hopefully one day we will gain a financial backing to help us to accomplish this for the wild world.

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